On Ramp - Beginner Course
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 30 days.
This course is ideal if you are new to CrossFit and want a great introduction and a breakdown of some of the basic moves and skills. It is also an easy way to check out the coaches and our Box. This course is structured as 3 x small group beginner sessions (on Tuesdays 7pm, Saturdays at 1pm and Sundays at 2pm on alt weekends). If these times don't suit we can organise 3 x 121 sessions for you at other times. The Course also includes attending 2 beginner classes on Wednesdays at 7pm.

Once purchased, we will contact you to confirm your dates.

Terms and Conditions

This membership will entitle the purchaser to a partial or complete discount on event(s)/class(es) offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. This membership cannot be refunded. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. See the details above for more information.