Open Gym Drop Ins
Open Gym Drop In (single session)
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 14 days.
This membership allows you to book one 75-90-minute drop in sessions per week.

During COVID-19, you will have exclusive access to your own platform, squat rack, bench and barbell for the full duration of the session.

You must train within the area in line with your platform throughout the session unless permitted by the coach on duty to gather equipment or use the sled etc.

Please note that drop-in slots can fill up, vary, and be sporadic. As the gym is very small, there is limited space and the maximum number of lifters permitted in the facility during COVID-19 is three (four, if two people are from the same household and sharing the same platform).
Weightlifting Small Group Coaching
Weightlifting Small Group Coaching (One session per week)
This entitles you to one weightlifting session per week.
£50.00 per month

Weightlifting Small Group Coaching (Two sessions per week)
This membership allows you to attend two sessions per week.
£85.00 per month