1x Class Pack - Kids and Teens (30days)
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 30 days.
Buy x1 class with no dd commitment. You have 30 days to use them and you can book off 2 hours before to redeem your credit on your account if you can't make a class. PLEASE NOTE - when you purchase, the system is confusing and looks like you are setting up a DD. This is a one off payment NO dd is set up. Your One time payment will come out on a certain day after you’ve purchased. Any questions please pop Nevaeh a message

Terms and Conditions

This pole, aerial & yoga payments will entitle the purchaser to a partial or complete discount on event(s)/class(es) offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this pole, aerial & yoga payments. This pole, aerial & yoga payments cannot be refunded. Unless otherwise noted, this pole, aerial & yoga payments is non-transferable. See the details above for more information.