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60 Day Fitness Challenge

Lacking time and motivation? - Join me for my 60 Day Fat-loss challenge all you need is just 10 minutes a day. Suitable for all fitness levels.

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Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates is a combination of traditional Pilates exercises performed in either sequences or flows. Suitable for mixed levels

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Beginner & Older Adults Pilates

These Pilates classes are designed with the Beginner and Older adult in mind or those recovery from injury in seated, standing and some Mat work.

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12 Days Of Fitmas

x12 10 minute workouts. Whatever your level improve your Cardio, Strength, Mobility and energy levels. Tone up, improve weightloss in just 12 days!

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Energy Boost

This is a collection of low impact Cardio workouts suitable for any fitness level. Full body workouts, no equipment needed just a great 30 minute Energy Boost!

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Mini Workout Series 1

This series contains of 7 Bitesized workouts using a mixture of body weight and light resistance training. 10 minutes to 30 minutes mixed levels.

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Back Care Mobility & Strength 3 Part Series

3 Workouts 1. Hip & Spinal Mobility 2. Back Focus Beginners Stretch, Strength & Release 3. Full Body, Back & Core Strength Sequence

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Body Sculpt - Full Body Home Weights programme

Body Sculpt is a full body resistance programme aimed at building, leaning and maintaining muscle using weights & Bands

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Tabata Cardio HITT Workout

This is a fast paced Interval workout. Working with Body Weight you will performing 8 exercises for 20 second bursts with a short 10 second rest in between.

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Core Cardio - Free Style Workout

This is a Strength, endurance, cardio and core conditioning session using just body weight!

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Stretch & Tone

The key to building strength and muscle tone is connecting to your body. This class is a fabulous mix of Pilates and Callenetics using a combination of dynamic

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