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Mother and Baby Pole and Fitness Group

I am so excited to announce that I will be running a class dedicated to mother's and babies (children up to secondary)
The aim of this class is to be a community class, where new mum's can meet other mum's, and enjoy time with their baby doing more than just regular fitness, doing pole dance!

These classes aim:
to improve your physical fitness in your upper body, core / abs and tone your legs and bum through a range of exercises on the pole and off using weights and on mats.
to improve your mindset, being a mum is tough, share some of the load with other new mums, get advice, give advice, be a shoulder to lean on or find that you might need to lean on our shoulders - this class is a community class, we're in it together!
To improve your pole dance skills - not taught like my traditional pole fitness classes. Instead we stick to basics ans make them feel really strong, learn some dance elements and build your confidence in your own time with the help of your classmates. No rush to move onto new moves, and strictly no pressure!
Improve your upper body and core strength and pelvic floor, with my pilates based exercises and warm-ups
See a real difference in yourself in just 8 weeks
Access to private FB group just for mums with kids
Children can be any age up to secondary school, bring them along with no worries at all - this class is specifically for mums with children