4:15 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Yoga & Gong Sound Bath

Yoga Local (Yoga Local, Unit 5, Nene Court, The Embankment, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 1LD, GB)
(Yoga Local, Unit 5, Nene Court, The Embankment, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 1LD, GB)

This is an IN STUDIO only All Levels class.

Class: Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing

Practice Stage 2

Description: Sound is a form of energy. It can shatter and destroy. It can be used to heal. It has pitch, volume tone and connects us to the elements and higher states of consciousness. By going back to the primal nature of sound and the vibration of Mantra this practice works to re-align and cleanse your inner energy on a deeper level.

There is no break between the asana, meditation and sound session so your energy gets to move effortlessly through with no break in concentration. Expect to find health and wellbeing through the mindful movement and then rest in the afterglow of inner peace.

Key Poses: Floor based postures and empowering standing poses. Developing inhalation and exhalation. Your asana practice will end in meditation to prepare your body for the last 30 minutes where you will deeply relax and receive the gentle energy based sounds of gongs and crystal singing bowls.

Mood: Sustained movement, warming and flowing. Emerge fully grounded, deeply nourished and connected to strength and confidence.

Pick this class if:
• You want to explore sound vibration and the healing effects on the mind and body.
• You have begun to commit to a practice of Asana (Poses), Pranayama (Breathwork) and Meditation.
• You worldview embraces Yoga as a spiritual practice.
• You are truly ready to discover your full potential.

Yoga Local
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Yoga Local


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