4 Week Beginner's Yoga Course

Start Yoga with our well crafted Beginner's Course! Be guided progressively each week with four 1hr long Beginner's Classes. You will learn breath, posture and meditation in this 4 week programme!

You will also get 4 pre-recorded videos of each class, so if you miss a week... or want more practice... you can do the class at home using our app!

PLUS if you attend every class in the 4 week period, either in studio or catching up online, you will get a FREE INTRODUCTORY PASS! This pass gives you 2-weeks unlimited classes using our regular timetable, upon completion of the course when you have 100% attendance. 

Who Is This Class For?  

This course is for you if you are either a complete beginner or if you've never practiced with us before.
Our programme is designed specifically to prepare you for a Stage 1 Hatha Yoga practice and set you up to feel confident in our timetabled Anchor classes. All beginner classes will be available to you online as well!

Here's what it covers:

Week 1 | MASTERING BREATH - using simple postures learn how to ground and stabilise the mind using perfect breathing.

Week 2 | MASTERING ASANA - shifting the focus to the physical postures (asana) learn how to align and stabilise the body while remaining tranquil and calm.

Week 3 | MASTERING ENERGY - learn how to shift and manage your energetic state through specific breath and posture work.

Week 4 | MASTERING A COMPLETE PRACTICE - all the essential components of a complete practice.

FREE INTRODUCTORY PASS - Your introductory pack allows you to freely explore all of the regularly scheduled classes within 2 weeks of completing the 4 week beginner's programme. This pass is given to those who complete the course with 100% attendance! If you miss a week, don't worry, you can catch up online and this will also qualify you to achieve 100% attendance!

Pick this course if:

• You want a journey through the fundamentals of yoga using a basic flow to explore conscious movement
• You want to begin to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance in mind and body. 
• You need a safe and nurturing space where you can build the confidence to practice in a group setting and/or at home.
• You're ready to bridge the gap from where your strength, balance and flexibility is today and where you want it to be. 
• You'd benefit from a break down of a basic flow sequence pose by pose, exploring energetics, variations and mindful connection.
• You want to learn to use simple breathing techniques to quiet the mind and cultivate conscious awareness. 
• You want to learn the basics of meditation and restful awareness as tools to unlock your full potential.
• You are ready to go beyond the poses (asana) with an introduction to all 8 Limbs of yoga.

The course can only be purchased as a pack. We do not offer exchanges or refunds once the course has been purchased. If any sessions are missed due to unforseen circumstances you may catch up using the video recordings provided. 

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