Ayurvedic Detox Weekend

Detoxifying Weekend Course

We have created a weekend cleanse using the principles of Ayurveda to give your body a reset and help guide you to a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. It will run from Friday to Monday, however you will only be required IN STUDIO on the Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning.

As we are running this course in April, all of the meals, Yoga and content will be focused on keeping in balance with the spring season so we can work on detoxifying the body in a harmonious way with our environment!

This course will include:

~ Ayurvedic techniques for detoxifying the body

~ Guidance in removing emotional and physical toxicity

~ Content on how to keep internally balanced throughout Spring

~ Yoga

~ Meditation

~ Meal kits (vegan option available)

~ An online course with content and tasks to guide you through the weekend. 


Meal kit includes:

~ Blissballs

~ Herbal teas

~ Ginger elixir shot

~ x2 Breakfast meals (with option to have it prepared IN STUDIO after class)

~ x2 Lunch meals

~ x2 Dinner meals

(Meal kit's may contain some allergens, please talk to us about any food allergies before booking and we will let you know if we are able to cater for your needs)


Ayurvedic tools include (only when purchasing 'Complete Detox Bundle'):

~ Neti pot

~ Tongue scraper

~ Coconut oil


Starting on a Friday evening, you will be guided into the weekend with an introduction to the structure of the course and a tutorial on how to access the content. You'll also have a Yoga Nidra session and be sent away with your meal kits for the weekend!

Over the course of the weekend you'll have some morning Yoga Detox classes to attend, guided meditations, and content to work through at home. Everything will be available to do from home (COVID-PROOF!), including the Yoga classes. You'll be given the ingredients and recipes on the Friday to make your detox meals for the weekend.

On the Sunday evening we will have a get together over zoom to round up the weekend and share our experiences with each other!


What are you waiting for? Give yourself a do over.


The small print: don't be alarmed, when you book the course you won't be on the Yoga Detox classes as these are created separately. They are included in the price of the course and you will be added to the classes manually by us after you have booked. Once you have booked the course we do not offer any refunds or exchanges unless we are contacted more than 1 week before the start of the course via email.