Course: BEGIN

Practice Stage 1

An introductory course for new or returning students who want to get back to basics and build a solid yoga foundation that’s rooted in the 8 Limbs of Yoga. This four-week progressive course walks you through everything from alignment, awareness, posture, and breathing techniques to following cues and using props. You'll get more time to reconnect with your Self and figure out where your body and mind is at. And that’s when you’ll find the confidence to consciously move into stability, strength, flexibility and balance. It's THE way to set yourself up for a regular home and studio practice.

Pick this course if:

• You want a journey through the fundamentals of yoga using a basic flow to explore conscious movement
• You want to begin to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance in mind and body.
• You need a safe and nurturing space where you can build the confidence to practice in a group setting and/or at home.
• You're ready to bridge the gap from where your strength, balance and flexibility is today and where you want it to be.
• You'd benefit from a break down of a basic flow sequence pose by pose, exploring energetics, variations and mindful connection.
• You want to learn to use simple breathing techniques to quiet the mind and cultivate conscious awareness.
• You want to learn the basics of meditation and restful awareness as tools to unlock your full potential.
• You are ready to go beyond the poses (asana) with an introduction to all 8 Limbs of yoga.

Course includes: 14 Day Unlimited Class Pass On Course Completion

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