Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow – Counted Method – Half Primary Series

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow is set sequence of asanas (postures) that are followed in a sequential order to promote a process of detoxifying the body, removing stiffness, toning and gaining strength as well as detoxifying/cleansing the mind.

Although physical work is part of the practice this is not simply gym work! This practice can transform your life and move you through any preconditioned patterns of thought and behaviour that hold you back from embracing your potential.

During your six-week training programme you will be introduced to these ancient teachings through asanas (postures), breath practice and promoting the engagement of dristi (looking place).

You will learn a set sequence of asanas (postures) that support the body's internal systems, tissues and organs by stimulating them with the breath and consequently
* removing stiffness
* developing muscle tone
* building strength.
This practice at the same time detoxifies/cleanses the mind, helping you to focus and become the observer of the patterns that shape your emotional and psychological self and access deeper aspects of healing and nourishment.

Each week you will explore a different aspect of the practice and you will be given the opportunity to consider how to take what you learn in class to home and how to incorporate principles and practices into your every day life.

(Classes will be recorded and be made available as part of your course in our Facebook-Free zone - our own private online community space, The Yoga Local Hug Club. Links to join will be sent on registering for the course).

Pick this course if:
• You want to learn about the basic teachings and principles of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.
• You want to learn a series of classical Ashtanga poses linked by vinyasa (movement between yoga poses) and coordinate and develop you capacity to breathe with movement.
• You enjoy a dynamic practice.
• You are open to discover the potential to detoxify and strengthen while encouraging flexibility and bringing balance to the mind and body.
• You want to solidify and deepen your existing practice.

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