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Summer 3-week Foundation Course

Completely new to Pilates? Our foundation course is for those of you who like a steady approach to exercise and want to really nail down the basics. Perfect if you don't feel confident exercise or, if you have injuries/pain which you want to approach more gradually.

The course, consisting of 3 x 1-hour classes will teach you the basic and some more advanced Pilates exercises. Also:
- You will learn and memorises all the Pilates poses and refine your own posture.
- You learn the key principles of good exercise: alignment, breathing and core control.
- You will get to use some of the small Pilates props that will challenge your alignment and core stability even more

Each week will be a workout, and we will mobilise your whole body but, you will also learn exercises and skills which you can take away and use to improve your posture and core strength in between classes too.