AKM Sublimated Dry Fit Top

SHORT-SLEEVE DRY FIT SHIRT is an all-year training clothing for active individuals. The shirt will be perfect for training at Krav, the gym, outdoor activities, running, etc.
A breathable shirt will supplement all sports outfits for intensive physical efforts and any recreational activities.

Material features and benefits:

▪ Very thin THERMOPERFORMANCE material has specially impregnated fibers that evenly absorb sweat and quickly evaporate moisture even during intense training.
▪ Very light and breathable material guarantees quick drying even after being completely submerged in water.
▪ The fabric is dyed using a modern nanoparticle sublimation method, thanks to which the colors are resistant to abrasion and 40% more intense than traditional methods.

Practical features and benefits:
▪ The panel structure of the material ensures fit, unlimited freedom of movement and increased resistance to deformation.
▪ The loose fit of the shirt doesn't limit movement and provides freedom during any kind of physical activity.
▪ A reinforced SPIDER'S STEEL seam was used, which is up to 140% more resistant to abrasion than other fibers.

Delivery time 2-4 weeks


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