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Introducing a mobility workout system for the rest of us.
No painful postures and with modifications for the inflexible.
This is embodied movement for physical fitness.
This is yoga for those who don't normally do yoga.

- Lose weight, build muscle, and sculpt your core
- Relieve lower back pain
- Enhance your athletic performance, boost muscle recovery and soothe sore muscles
- Reduce the risk of injury.
- Oh, and you might relieve a little stress too!

Created for men and women of all ages.

Our unique take on embodied movement is suitable for complete beginners, with benefits for everyone.

- It’s for those of us who have tight muscles and who need modifications they probably wouldn’t get in a group class.
- It’s fitness and mobility for the rest of us.
- It’s for those of us who don’t relate to the typical yoga lifestyle.
- It’s for those of us who have been curious about yoga, but might be hesitant to try it out in a local class.
- In line with the theme 'Minimal Effective Dose', we are focusing on minimal investment of time for maximum result.
- It’s the perfect low impact workout. Ideal for anyone new to fitness and indispensable for anyone who’s working out on the regular.

What that really means, is that we incorporated Embodied Movement with modifications for anyone who has tight shoulders, tight hamstrings, and for those who may not be able to touch their toes.

Whether you are inflexible because you’re just getting back into shape, or because your muscles are tight from hitting the gym, you’ll find that with our modifications, absolutely anyone can do yoga in a safe, supportive, and low impact way.