6 p.m. - 7 p.m.


ROOMS Worthing (44,, Guildbourne Centre,, Worthing, west sussex, BN11 1LZ, GB)
(44,, Guildbourne Centre,, Worthing, west sussex, BN11 1LZ, GB)
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Josephine Warren

Step into this quiet space and give yourself the time to unfold and rest. Take a deep breath, let your senses connect you back to your body and let go.

Allow the aromatherapy to soothe you, the yin to soften and stretch you, the Nidra to ground you and the sound to move you.

Yin is a wonderful way to calm the mind. Postures are held for longer(3 to 5 minutes) than in other forms of yoga, using the aid of blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps.​ Yin helps to undo the aches and pains of everyday life, sitting for long periods of time, driving, etc. It is a wonderful way to access more forging and mindful state of awareness. ​ As the awareness of mental health, stress and depression grows, more people are seeking out ways to combat these debilitating illnesses. Many have turned to yoga.
Yin Yoga has an incredible uplifting yet grounding effect on the human spirit, holding the postures for longer creates a deep meditative state, each active stretch unwinds the stress and tension in the body, leaving you loose, relaxed and calm.​

Each class is planned so the whole body is stretched and postures are well thought out to create a balance across the whole being. Runners and cyclists especially claim that Yin is the perfect complimentary practice to their exercise routine.

ROOMS Worthing

Access through the Guildbourne centre, or from the car park from level 2.

Limited accessibility, petition to get the lift working in the evenings. I'm sorry for any convenience caused.


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