30 Day Reset

What will the 'Thirty Day Reset' entail?

 a weekly suggested meal plan which you will tailor to meet your schedule, dietary needs etc.

 a weekly exercise plan.

a weekly Sunday evening (8pm) catch up via zoom.

The ‘Thirty Day Reset’ js exactly what it says in the name - resetting ourselves to eat balanced healthy meals, exercising well and listening to our bodies. Goals will be set and measured in a variety of ways with standard measurements of weight but also in terms of emotions, happiness, sleep, energy etc.

This 'reset' is so much more than just meal plans and exercise routines - it is about identifying habits and working out ways to overcome these. Yes, we will be planning our meals and there will be guidance of what to eat and drink but you will make this work for you and your lifestyle - and I will be there to support you throughout.

We will looking at the macronutrient breakdown of our foods - looking at the carbohydrate, fats and protein percentage of our daily diet using 'My Fitness Pal' and how this ratio balance works for you and your goals. The focus will be on eating whole foods and avoiding the processed ones.

Exercise plans are shared through our highly specialised app, Trainerize and there are videos on our member's area which you will have access to.

To get the most from this programme, you will be able to engage with the private Facebook group which will be set up for this programme - it is here that the magic happens through the community spirit of the sharing meals, workouts and personal 'wins'.

This is all distance led / virtual - you don’t need to be at a location at any time (apart from an optional zoom catch up once a week).

If you would like to know more, please contact Kirsty - kirsty@infinitebalance.co.uk


What people say..
"I struggle with weight and find the group support makes it much easier to achieve my goals
"Kept me motivated and on track with the weekly zoom calls and the Facebook group."
"Refocused me"
"It was supportive and there was such an amazing amount of encouragement from all involved."
"Accountability and loads of support via FB and weekly calls."
"Reset my eating habits, educated me on the amount of carbs in foods that I wouldn't have realised were carb heavy."
" I lost weight and developed healthier habits that I intend to continue."
"Never thought I would be able to give up bread, and pasta for a whole week, so to manage it for a month has been amazing. Better still, I am not yet missing them!! I feel fitter, stronger and more educated when it comes to fuelling my body."
"I’ve got back to fitness which is fabulous! I feel fitter and stronger!"
"Lost the weight I'd put on over the summer holidays & kick started me back into a regular routine of exercise at least twice a week."
"Embedded clean eating into my life and regular dog runs"
"Thank you to everyone on the 30 day Reset. I have loved increasing my range of recipes & rediscovering old ones."
"Love the format. Really worked for me."
"It’s been amazing being a part of the 30 day reset. Thank you for your commitment to the reset programme and for the continual support and encouragement you show each and every one of us. I have achieved goals in my fitness and nutrition I never thought possible. I am in better shape now then I was pre-children which is simply amazing. Thank you."