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Let’s Get Moving...

A three week course of Small Group Sessions - maximum 4 people per session.
We will take it slow and steady to ensure you are able to carry out exercises safely, efficiently and ultimately with confidence.
This course is for those who would like a bit of a boost in confidence to help to get them into a more regular exercise routine.
Any questions, please ask Kirsty - kirsty@infinitebalance.co.uk

3 x 1hr workshops to increase physical activity levels and support you to become a fitter, happier version of yourselves.

• Define what healthy living means to you.
• Evaluate your current health and wellness lifestyle.
• Identify areas where you are successful and areas in which you hope to make improvements.
• Learn simple steps towards eating healthier and making well-balanced meals and snacks
• Determine how much you need to eat based on your health goals and calorie needs
• Develop a plan to incorporate small changes for a big impact on your lifestyle.
• Take part in guided fitness sessions.
• Learn a warm up and cool down routine.
• Conclude with a series of stretching exercises linked to breathing and relaxation.