CrossFit Leeds Endurance Club
Unlimited access to all CrossFit Leeds Endurance classes.

The CrossFit Leeds Endurance Club is a periodised and progressive programme that is open and accessible to individuals of all abilities. The classes are ideally suited to those wanting coaching and a strength and conditioning programme to improve aerobic fitness, address imbalances, increase muscular strength and endurance, reduce body fat or receive specific training for endurance based events (triathlons,10k, half Marathon, and adventure races such as Tough Mudder, etc.).

Our Endurance Club Membership gives you unlimited access to all Endurance classes.
Open Gym training is not included in this membership option.
  • £50.00 per month.
    Terms and conditions
    This membership will be billed monthly and entitles the purchaser to a CrossFit Leeds Endurance Club Membership. This membership is non-transferable.

    Payments will be charged automatically each month on the 1st of the month. The initial payment will be prorated for a partial month.
    Any cancellations/changes to memberships can be made by logging into your Team Up account.
    There is a 5 day cancellation period on this membership.