Yoga Warriors 2024 Retreat Day 1: Beyond wrinkles! The untold story of skeletal muscle in ageing.

Growing older....not always a nice feeling is it? It's easy to look in the mirror and notive what I call are the  superficial  signs of ageing: another wrinkle around the eyes or another pound on the scales.

Or maybe we notice some health issues creeping i. High blood pressure; a diagnosis of diabetes or warning we're in the pre-stages of the diesease; problems with major joints such as knees, hips, spine or shoulders. 

The loudest stories we see from the media these days are often remedies to help us look younger or lose weight. The interesting thing for me is that often, the key word in all of this is LOSS.

Lose the wrinkles; saggy skin or the paunch! 

In this, the first of 3 Yoga Warrior day retreats this year  I'd like to take our focus away from LOSS and onto something FAR more attractive - GAIN!

You'll  explore:

** The crucial function of muscles in our bodies and in the ageing process. 

** Age related myths as well as misconceptions about developing muscle.

** An understanding of the absolutely pivotal role of resistance/strength training AND the food we eat in maintaining or even improving our skeletal muscle.

**. How yoga can contribute significantly to a new, stronger you.

** Tips from psychology about how to start new habits that LAST. (No more yoyo dieting here!)

PLUS: Guest speaker, Elena Holmes, a Nutritional therapist who will give a talk in the afternoon about some of the science and recommendations about the fuel we eat and its relation to supporting our skeletal mass as we age.

Date: Saturday 24th February.
Venue: Lakeside Primary School
Time; 10am to 4.30pm
Cost: £65 to incude a nutritious lunch, refreshments and all handouts. 

Please note; 

Spaces on a first come, first served basis and ONLY secured upon payment. No drop ins I'm afraid for obvious reasons.

No refunds if cancel within 7 days of the event unless I can fill your space with another student. 

You will  receive a receipt upon payment, and an email nearer the day with all final details, but meanwhile, any questions don't hesitate to ask! 


1) Cash at class.

2) At the link within this site you are on now. It will take you to GoCardless where you can pay securely and receive a receipt immediately.

3) Via BACS
If you choose this method details as follows:

Barclays Business Account for Shona Garner Coaching Services Ltd

Sort code: 20-26-55

Account number: 20046264


Thank you.