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Fixed 6 week core programme for beginners to yoga.

This yoga programme consists of 6 sessions and has a fixed start and end date. NOTE - THIS SERIES HAS A ONE WEEK BREAK ON THE 10TH APRIL FOR EASTER MONDAY.
You will learn a core set of postures and techniques to get you started on the path to greater flexibility strength and well-being.
Run as a complete course - so helpful if you can make each session.
As a new student you can come to the first session for a trial of £5 and no obligation to continue. If you choose to continue the remaining £40 is due the following week. 
If you know you cannot make one or two of the sessions you can swap to any other class over an 8 week period from the start date of the programme so you don't lose out a session.
PLEASE NOTE: Payment is up front and no refunds for non attendance. You do however have some flexibility as per above - in that you can swap or come to another class within 8 weeks of course start.