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Yoga for Wellness Day Retreat -Sunday May 12th 2019

This is a full day yoga retreat and is a mix of practising the physical postures in yoga, as well as breathing, meditation and deep relaxation techniques. It's also an opportunity to go a little deeper than you would in a normal yoga class. ..

Theme for the day? Breaking the habit of being yourself!
The theme for this day may sound a little odd! (unless you've been coming to my classes recently and received the April newsletter) but it is based around the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, a scientist, author, researcher and teacher of meditation,with whom I spent a weekend last month.

The basic premise of his work examines why it is so hard for us to change our behaviours (and more importantly our thoughts), even when we know in our hearts what we want to change is beneficial for us! Years of "conditioning" ourselves to think and behave in certain patterns can be challenging to overcome - and Dispenza's work examines how mindfulness and meditation techniques can help us change these sub-conscious programmes - or even transform a sick body into a healthier one.

Over the day, you will learn a little more about these techniques, the science behind them, and how, using both the physical postures, mindfulness techniques and specific meditation techniques it might be possible to "re-wire" our brains and improve our sense of well-being and our health.

Whether you're a complete beginner, have some experience, or you've been practising for years; you'll be supported to challenge yourself, whilst ensuring you listen to your body and don't strain or push too far. Run by two experienced yoga teachers - we want you to feel energised, provoke reflection and have fun!

Cost £49 for the full day, including refreshments and lunch. Places are only secured upon payment. No drop ins as these days are proving popular.

Please note: You can request a refund up to 14 days before the event. After that, no refunds unless there are exceptional circumstances or we can secure someone for your place..

Payments can be made in one of 2 ways:
1) Using our secure online system "Go cardless;" Simply click the register now button on this page and follow the instructions.
2) Via BACS
Please pay Sort code: 20-26-55
Account number: 20046264

Or - if you are a student of either Carmen or myself, you can pay cash at class.