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Full Moon Circle

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Natasha Fullerton

Want to know more about the different cycles & energies of the moon to set intentions, release what no longer serves you and manifest the life you want.

Then join Natasha for this special full moon class. The Full Moon symbolises a time for reflection, releasing and letting go which we will honour through our monthly ritual of yoga, Yoga Nidra and journaling.

What is Yoga Nidra?
Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice also known as “yogic sleep” that allows your body to deeply relax while your mind turns inwards falling into a state of deep awareness.
From here, over time we can be healed, restored and awakened to our deepest, all-knowing, all-welcoming self.
Yoga Nidra is great for anyone who struggles to let go (most of us I reckon).
As we learn to deeply relax our body we can start to release emotions and experiences rooted in our subconscious and come to new understandings or resolutions.

Get cosy at home, have a notebook handy, light some candles and create your own sacred space to welcome the powerful energy of this full moon.

Book into both New & Full Moon circles this month for £25 by purchasing a MOON PASS option available at time of booking. 

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