Hamilton Crafter-School Full-Time Deposit 2017/2018
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
This membership entitles the purchaser a guaranteed Crafter-School spot for Fall 2017. This is a non-refundable deposit that, if not used for Crafter-School, can be applied to any Wishcraft Workshop programming including private parties, classes, camps and workshops for children or adults.

The Crafter-School program is open to students Grades K-8* (Grades 6-8 may alternatively enroll in the Leadership Program) attending neighborhood schools and those with their own transportation to the workshop. Campus pick-ups are currently scheduled for: Hamilton Elementary (2:45pm), Audubon
Elementary(3:00pm), Bell Elementary (3:15pm). Please inquire with regard to Coonley Elementary.

Schedule & Calendar
• Crafter-School hours are Monday-Friday, 2:30pm -6:00pm (with optional evening care through 6:30pm available), with the exception of school holidays and follows the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) calendar (CPS calendar TBD), starting with the first day of school through the final Friday of the school-year. Crafter-School is open during school-closure days (e.g. Teacher Institute and Parent Conference days.) Crafter-School is closed on school holidays and breaks and discounted for-fee day-camps are available for most of these days.
• A walking escort to the workshop is provided to students each day at dismissal time. We operate like a walking school-bus with a designated interior on- campus meeting spot.
• The following agenda is approximate and may be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the students:
-Homework + Reading (wholesome snack is provided during this time)
-Art + Craft Projects and/or Outdoor Play (weather permitting, outdoor adventures may precede and also follow homework time) -Open Play/Art, Reading, Coding/Digital Arts, Dramatic Play, Games, Tumbling/Balance, Youth Activism Activities
• Full-Time Crafter-Schoolers are offered open spots in weekly elective workshops scheduled during afternoon hours at no additional cost. Part-Time Crafter-Schoolers may register for any afternoon workshop with a 50% discount.

We believe that a “generous habit of thought and of action carries with it an incalculable influence”, and in the capabilities of each student to do their best and encourage positive support of one another. We choose “do’s” over “don’t”s. Constructive behavior is modeled, and students are given opportunities to develop their own social and leadership skills. Creatively, we value the process of exploration and experimentation over the product. Materials are explored, techniques are demonstrated, and throughout an opportunity to stretch, grow and creatively problem-solve is created. Wishcraft Workshop provides an inclusive, clean, green and truly comfortable environment and is staffed such that each student and family receives caring attention. Our focus on self-awareness grows artists, thinkers and citizens.

Things to Know
• Our facility includes two floors to create, study, relax and play with wide-open space, quiet rooms for activities like reading and homework, charming architecture and a single check-in/check-out desk with a buzzer security door. Our technology resources is support 21st century students while preserving the open-ended creative balance that families have come to appreciate. A dedicated area is provided for each student’s personal items.
• Students may bring their own reading material, projects, small games or other quiet activities (these can be stored at the workshop.) Students may also bring age-appropriate music to share on the workshop’s music system. Electronic gaming devices and mobile phones are discouraged.
• Snacks provided are natural or organic. Nut- and gluten-free snacks are available and allergy-conscious practices are applied for the safety of all students regardless of their specific allergy. A reusable water cup is provided for each student, and a drinking-water dispenser is located at the workshop.
• Students in the Intermediate Grades 6-8 may alternatively enroll in the Crafter-School Leadership Program to develop their skills by supporting younger students with reading, homework, games and creative activities for 50% or more of their time at the workshop each day. Additional training and activities are available to these older students to help support their growth as mentors and leaders. Space in this program is by interview and very limited. Early inquiry and registration is recommended. A valid Self-Transport Waiver must be on file for all participants in this Leadership Program.

2017/2018 Membership Fees
Crafter-School membership billing is automated and fees are pro-rated based on school dismissal time. Membership payments work as follows:
• enrollment for the full school-year = 10 equal installments beginning on or before the start of the school -year
• enrollment after the school-year begins = 10 or fewer equal monthly installments that divide fees across the remaining months of the school-year
• enrollment for a specific time-period = equal monthly installments spread evenly across the duration of the period
The fee for an additional single-day is $35 for all schools.

-The fee for an additional single-day is $35 for all schools.
-Students in the intermediate Grades 6-8 may alternatively enroll in the Crafter-School Leadership Program to develop their skills by supporting younger students with reading, homework, games and creative activities for 50% or more of their time at the workshop each day. Additional training and activities are available to these older students to help support their growth as mentors and leaders. Space in this program is by interview and very limited. Early inquiry and registration is recommended.

Our policies are intended to keep fees as low as possible while offering the best programming with a low student:instructor ratio.

Payments + Fees
-Fees are paid in advance of services.
-A non-refundable deposit equal to 10% of the school-year fees may be made before the school-year begins to hold a student’s spot. This deposit constitutes the first of 10 monthly installments.
-Fees are charged per the monthly payment schedule if written notice of withdrawal has not been provided at minimum 2-weeks in advance of the next billing date. All families must have a valid credit/debit card on file.
-Unpaid fees and/or missing registration details may forfeit the student’s place in the program.
10% of the registration fee is discounted for the each sibling (i.e. 100% fee for 1st student, 90% fee for the 2nd and 3rd.)
-Pick-up time is by 6pm unless an evening membership is active for the month. One late pick-up of no more than 5-minutes is granted per quarter. The late fee is $15 for any part of the first 10-minutes after 6pm, $1/minute thereafter, and will be charged on a weekly basis using the credit card on file (or the family has the option to apply this late fee toward an evening membership for the current month.)
-With 4-weeks written notice of withdrawal, membership billing with cease. With 2-weeks written notice of withdrawal, membership billing will cease and a 50% credit on account with us will be recorded for unused program weeks. This credit does not expire and is applicable toward any Wishcraft Workshop programming.

Pick-Up + Schedules
-Schedules for Part-Time students are defined before the beginning of each month and can be changed for each subsequent month.
-Parents will be contacted to pick-up an ill student if a)the student’s condition is a risk to any student and/or b)we are not able to keep the student comfortable. If a parent or emergency contact is unable to pick-up within 90-minutes of this initial contact, a charge of $1/minute will apply. Wishcraft Workshop may not pick-up a student if the school has already initiated contact with a parent, nor may Wishcraft Workshop fulfill the role of emergency contact on school forms.
-If Wishcraft Workshop is to not pick-up your child on any day for which they are registered, please provide written instructions with our online system by 12pm on the day of the absence. This pertains to both planned after-school activities (e.g. please do not pick-up because Grandma is in town) and absences. This procedure allows our staff to remain focused on the students that are present at pick-up time. In consideration of all program students, a fee of $1/minute will be charged if our staff delays the campus pick-up in order to look for your student in the absence of contact from a known parent/guardian.
-Students will only be released to individuals listed in the registration system. A signature on the sign-out form as well as ID is required.

Complete online application forms and waivers are required before campus pick-up may commence.
Inhalers and other medicines, including over-the-counter medicines, must be accompanied by a doctor’s note should they be required during program hours.

Student Commitment (parents, please discuss the following with your child)
I will be a positive influence on myself and other students in the program. I will do my best and ask for help when I need it. I will respect the workshop and the people and things in it, and expect that all other students and staff will do the same for me. I will be prepared to participate each day and will be open to trying new things. I will be polite to all students and staff and will support each other’s creative exploration.

Parent Commitment
I will support my child’s participation in the program by helping them to understand what is expected of them. I will pick-up my child on time each day and will notify Wishcraft Workshop using the established technology of any planned or unplanned absence by noon of the day of absence. I will support the workshop’s protection of my child’s safety by cooperating with policies, and will advise the workshop immediately upon any change in emergency contact information. As I would with school, I will only send my healthy child to the program. I understand the program’s schedule, calendar and registration/fee policies and will comply accordingly. I will bring any concern to the attention of Wishcraft Workshop so that it may be resolved promptly and constructively.


Terms and Conditions

This membership will entitle the purchaser to a partial or complete discount on events/classes offered by the business for Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires. . If the start date of this membership has already passed, it will not be prorated for partial months/days, meaning the price is the same regardless of when purchased. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. See the details above for more information.