7 a.m. - 8 a.m.


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Harry Rowland

EXPECT to use and control your own body throughout the class, meaning this class is based on internal effort (irradiation). This is a practise based on scientific research in mobility training. EXPECT to be educated. Kinstretch is meant to enhance your life and help you get better at whatever you want to get better at. The more you show up, the more familiar you will be become with the concepts. The more you implement this practice into your lifestyle, the more effective the training will be/the more results you will see. EXPECT a variety of students in the class. Kinstretch is not geared to a specific population; it is geared to humans in general. Expect a variety of ages, body types, athletes, teams, individuals with various occupations and fitness levels on a continuum. Enjoy!


1. Purchase your class Credit and book into the class you hope to join.
2. Receive an email from me with an invitation to join the class
3. Download the Zoom app on the media you will use to watch the session
4. Sign up on the app before the class start time
5. Up to 10 minutes before class time, click the meeting link found in the invitation email.
6. Enjoy the class!

This youtube link explains the simple process:


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