BB Membership
Become a BB Member!

You really want to feel stronger, more flexible and more confident.

You have exercised previously or may be participating in a little exercise at the moment. You may have done some Pole Dance in the past, even if it was just one class!

It is a struggle to achieve your goal of getting fitter and toned up and to be able to do that with something really fun that totally beats the boredom of the gym. You need something flexible to fit around your busy schedule and you want something that can make you feel stronger, more flexible and more confident and in a fun and friendly way with like-minded, fun & sociable people.

The BB membership will be perfect for you! Ideal for those with busy schedules who need flexibility around their other commitments. The BB membership offers a class every week that you can choose from any classes from our timetable.

This means that life will not get in the way of you getting fitter, stronger, more confident and more flexible anymore! This means you can go to a class every week even if your schedule changes. Perfect for all those nurses, retail workers and shift-workers! Now you will never miss out on your Pole Dance Fitness class.

The BB Membership gives you 5 classes every month - you can choose to do one a week or flex it around your schedule! By your third or fourth class you'll be really feeling a difference!

If you're loving your classes and fancy a few more... as a BB Member you can add on as many extra sessions as you like via the Top Me Up packs! So you find the perfect balance for you, your goals and your lifestyle. You're in control!

See you in the studio!
  • £92.00 per month
    Terms and conditions
    This membership bills every month. The first payment is due on the membership's start date. This membership entitles the purchaser to a full or partial discount on events/classes offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership.