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2019 Video Recording and Technique Coaching Session

Details:To attend this session, you must have an active DC Tri Club membership.

Within the hour session of stroke analysis and correction, you get 10+ minutes of 1 on 1 (or more coaches) time with a swim coach to video record you on a GoPro or other recording device. You will receive immediate feedback and instruction on what to focus on for improvement. Swimmers will continue to swim in non-recording lanes and continue to receive individual coaching to practice your technique. Videos will be post processed to the best of the coach’s abilities and shared with you later that week through a private video on YouTube or other videosharing platform with notes on what to look for at specific time stamps. If you are a previous attendee, we will cross reference your previous video to identify improvement and to provide additional specific instruction/feedback.
Minimum Requirement: Be able to swim 200y
Cost: 40$