10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Heart Powered Leadership - 1 Day Workshop

Studio 2 (1a Belmont Vale, Maidenhead, SL6 6BQ, GB)
(1a Belmont Vale, Maidenhead, SL6 6BQ, GB)
Davinder Ojalla

This is a powerful 1 day workshop inspiring you to introduce a regular spiritual, self love & self empowerment practise to create positive transformation in your life, health, relationships & career/business!

Due to the personal, deeply transformative & coaching nature of these workshops I only take a maximum of 3 - 5 ladies at a time.

This is my most empowering & transformational workshop for female entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, visionaries, change agents, leaders, uplifters, empaths, creatives, heart centred individuals & lightworkers who wish to create positive change in their own life & make a difference in the world.

A safe & supportive space to clear out any weeds within the mind, emotional and mental blocks & shadows holding you back from manifesting more love, joy, wealth, abundance, freedom, fulfilment, connection, intimacy, flow, ease & success.

A space to dive into deep transformation, empowerment & getting clarity on what you really want in the key areas of your life.

We will start the day with my unique "Superfood Green Juice" followed by a deep, immersive & soulful 90min MedYoga/ Mindfulness practise.

A mind, body & soul journey empowering you to tap into the most powerful inner resources within you.

You will then be introduced to scientifically proven tools & exercises as well as ancient yogic spiritual teachings and wisdom as we dive into mindfulness, meditation, chanting, colour & sound healing therapies in a group circle.

The afternoon, we will dive into facing your fears, building your confidence & creating a vision, plan & souful goals for the next 12, 6 & 3mth milestones.

This combination allows you to relax, let go & surrender deeply in a safe and supportive environment so that you can find freedom from fears, insecurities & blocks holding you back. We consciously allow the subconscious to surface so we can release shadows & step into new potential with more ease & flow.

This is a powerful way to create inner & outer transformation.

We will complete our day with ceremony: commitments, intentions & soulful goal setting to ensure we take accountability for our actions once we leave this sacred space.

You will be allocated a "power partner" to buddy up with & support one another on your journey.

You will leave this workshop, feeling much more able to connect with those around you, life & your mental and emotional self with much more confidence, trust & safety. Armed with a toolkit of inner resources to deal with any challenge life throws.

This is a hands on, practical workshop for self mastery, keeping up a regular spiritual practise, finding relief & freedom from mental health (stress, anxiety, overwhelm, pain & suffering) & learning key tools to awaken higher states of love, joy, freedom, peace, fulfilment, intimacy & connection.

And most feel back in control of your own life & business so that you can step more fully into the powerful creator you truly are!

You will love this day!

Investment: £145.00 - Includes Vege/ Vegan Snacks, Drinks & Lunch.
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