Reoccuring Monthly Membership
3 Classes Per Week
This membership allows you to book any 3 group classes per week which saves you a whopping £50-£55 per month and takes your class price down to around just £5- £6 per class. This Membership bills on the 1st of each month rather than every 4 weeks, making it super good value for those longer months.

Aerial Hoop bookings ARE permitted with this membership but please be aware that priority bookings will be give to students on a Hoop only membership if a class is full with a waitlist.

4 Classes Per Week
This membership bills on the 1st of each month and includes all of our group classes making each class the amazing value of around £5.50 per class. An excellent opportunity to cross between different pole classes, flexibility classes, pole pump (conditioning classes) and aerial hoop. Fly your way into a fit and fabulous you for 2020. Please note this membership excuses workshops and courses.

1 Semi Private * Class Per Week
This membership allows you to pay for your class monthly and book a regular private class slot each week in one payment and reserve your slot taking all the booking hassle away. This Membership is set up for the payment of one semi-private class per week . Ideal if you and a friend regularly attend a private class together and currently pay weekly.

This membership will also allow you to book a 1-1 class , however you will be required to pay the additional amount to the cost of a 1-1 class upon booking.

Unfortunately MVPA are unable to offer a discount for private classes, so this membership simply gives you the benefit of being able to reserve a weekly slot each week with payments being taken automatically on the first of each month.

There is no commitment or notice period if you need to cancel this membership.

1 private class per week
This memberships allows you to book your private classes (a one to one lesson) on a regular basis with one single payment each month. It will also allow you to create a recurring reservation for your chosen time slot making booking so much easier :)
Unlike our other memberships there is no commitment period on this and you don’t need to give us notice to cancel if you decide it’s not right for you or if you want to switch to another option :)
Class Packs
4 Classes over 1 month
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 1 month.
Purchase a group of 4 classes to be used within a one month period from the date of your first registration. No restrictions on when you can use these classes within the month or to which class. Class packs are a bulk class purchase which offer a small discount per class. To receive further discounts, please check out our reoccurring memberships that are on offer.

8 Classes over 1 month
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 1 month.
Purchase 8 classes for a discounted rate (approx. 2 classes per week) without being tied into a monthly membership. This pack includes all group classes and you can use them whenever you like with no weekly restrictions. This pack lowers your class price to just £8.75 per class.