2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Access to Online Pre-Recorded Sassy Choreo

Stay Home (Stay Home, Stay home, Stay home, Stay home, Stay home, GB)
(Stay Home, Stay home, Stay home, Stay home, Stay home, GB)
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Kiley M Letch

This is a workshop style, online class. This workshop has been pre-recorded for you to purchase and participate in from the comfort of your own home whilst we are under social distancing orders with the Covid-19 pandemic.

This workshop is for all levels but is more suited for intermediate polers, however there are modifications and places where you can freestyle if something is too challenging and I’ve also given some easier options :)

Please warm up fully before taking part!

Please note on the date of this class you will be emailed with a YouTube link at the start time for this class. It’s unlimited access once you have it .... BUT..... We ask that you please do not share this link with anyone else to help protect the income to our business at this difficult time.

Stay Home

This is a class for you to take in your own home


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