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Specialty Series: Poppin' On Da Pole : P.O.P Conditioning™ || (All Graduates above Pole Conditioning & Above ) $129-$149

All levels Pole Conditioning and Above: Strong Climbs Required

This 3 week Series will include 3 sessions and a bonus Performance Celebration Jam Session.

The P.O.P.  (Poppin' On Da Pole) Series is Vertical Joe's twerking on the pole series. If you love southern style, KOD, Magic City and Starz P-Valley, you're going to love this series.  Join us as we teach you signature skills and tricks known to wow crowds across the globe!   Get all your P.O.P. Basics™ in one course then venture to the next level up! 

   This course focuses includes lots of stylized climbs, twerking on the pole and dynamic descending moves.  Learn signature tricks, climbs, choreography and moves then venture to the next level!