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Specialty Series: POPPIN' ON DA POLE™ Hello P.O.P.™ (Newbies / Beginner Friendly) $129-$149

This 3 week Series will include 3 sessions and a bonus Performance Celebration Jam Session.

The P.O.P.  (Poppin' On Da Pole) Series is Vertical Joe's twerking on the pole series. If you love southern style, KOD, Magic City and Starz P-Valley, you're going to love this series Series.  Join us as we teach you signature skills and tricks known to wow crowds across the globe!   Get all your P.O.P. Basics™ in one course then venture to the next level up! 

  Master climbing, learn beginner moves, spins, twerk and choreography to gain a base knowledge of pole and advance on to other higher level series.