6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Pelvic Floor Awareness Workshop

Norfolk Yoga Studio (1a George Edwards Road, Fakenham Ind. Est., Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8NL, GB)
(1a George Edwards Road, Fakenham Ind. Est., Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8NL, GB)

The Pelvic Floor is an area of the body which is often taken for granted until it begins to show signs of weakness.

Did you know 14 million adults in the UK have problems controlling their bladder + 6.5 million have bowel issues. Let alone mentioning issues for women post child birth and equally when women reach menopause.

The Pelvic Floor is a complex group of muscles which can involves many issues and complaints. However, common issues can be managed with AWARENESS.

This workshop aims to highlight the many contributing factors that can affect the Pelvic Floor and highlight 'top tips' how with awareness we can understand ways to support this important area of the body.

Are you pregnant? Have you recently given birth? Are you fitness mad and want to make sure your this area is also supported too? Do you have issues controlling your bladder or bowel? Do you leak when you sneeze/laugh/cough?

This workshop is NOT about restoring/ rehabilitating the area. The Pelvic Floor is a very complex area and there are many contributing factors that affect this area. The intention of this workshop is to bring about AWARENESS and highlighting ways which to help the many issues surrounding this area.

Norfolk Yoga Studio

Located within Fully Trained Fitness Gym on Fakenham Industrial Estate.


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