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Absolute Beginners Yoga - The Foundation to Self Practice

This 6 week immersive course is aimed for the "Absolute Beginner" or someone who is looking to gain in depth knowledge to  build the confidence to attend a class or practice safely  from home.

This course aims to give you a broad spectrum of yoga, throughout the 6 weeks we will explore history,  philosophy,  foundational Asanas (postures) and breath-work. Delving deep into pranayama and meditation techniques and both reading and discussion of the Yamas + Niyamas - yoga's ethical code. 

What's included?
Course work-book with detailed posture break-down to follow for home practice, Yamas & Niyamas book 'yoga's ethical code', hands-on practical adjustments throughout, workshop style 'posture clinic' with modifications and full posture breakdown, a variety of breath-work techniques and recommended reading list for further exploration.

The main bulk of our practical learning will stem from the Sun Salutations regarded as the birth place of the practice. With an aim to find modifications to suit all bodies and experience hands-on adjustments to get a real feel for how each pose should feel.

Join us on Tuesday
15th October  - 19th November
7:30 - 8:45pm
The Norfolk Yoga Studio, Fakenham

£55 includes Course Workbook + Niyamas & Yamas Book