Little Cove Yoga Retreat Goa

A beautiful slice of Paradise where you can truly relax and disconnect for a bit. 

21st - 29th April 2023 at Little Cove Yoga Retreat, we will be treated to 3 Vegetarian meals a day in a stunning location on a private beach. Taking you back to where Yoga was born to soak up the culture, nature and you time!

The centre is made up of little huts or cottages as they call them, mostly twin rooms that are simple but all you need when the outdoors is so inviting! The Yoga Shala is outdoors facing the ocean. I can't think of a more inspiring setting to practice Yoga!

You will have two Yoga classes a day with me, I intend to take you on a journey of discovery using Embodied flow, Budokon, funky flows and deeply relaxing blends of deep stretches delving into Meditation and Pranayama (Breathwork). Classes on Retreats are usually more in the format of workshops so expect to be challenged mentally and physically (as always within the limits of your body!) Fun is always at the forefront of my mind on Retreats as it is a holiday after all, all levels and experience of Yoga are most welcome and you can opt out of anything but please do be open to explore new ideas and give things a go! When I have a group of people for this length of time the classes are planned to try to aid self discovery but if we are not open to start with then it takes away the opportunity for that to happen! Even if the discovery is that that particular idea isn't for you that is in its self a discovery!

I have had a quick look at flights and I will book mine shortly once I feel I have explored all the options, its looking like the flights will be around £750 and we may need to stopover in Mumbai for a couple of hours. Once I book my flights then if you are from Swansea too it works really well to get the same flight and we all travel together to save on the transfers etc. There is a transfer fee which we need to pay at the Airport to the venue.

So I have done my best to keep the price reasonable, its always quite hard when going so far away, however for a Shared room its £750. Please do not worry if you are coming on your own and you want to share a room, I try to pair you with someone who I think you will at least like!! Usually everyone leaves the retreats having made new friends who continue to see other when home so I know it will be fine, If you did want your own room it is a little more expensive at £850. Included in that price is the Yoga, accommodation and food!

There are people who offer treatments at the centre, massage etc, we can go out with the locals fishing and also hangout with dolphins if they decide to come and see us! Goa is going to be an amazing place to explore and the Owner of the centre will be on hand to guide us in the right direction. We usually go on trips all together but should you wish to go and explore that is cool to, your holiday you do what suits you best! I will mention that at the centre they do not allow smoking or drinking alcohol. 

So that's it for now, I will set up a Facebook page closer to the time so I can keep updating Retreaters as I get more info, but if you are interested then you can pay your non-refundable deposit here. The rest you can pay me in bits if you like, its still a while away so plenty of time to save, but I do recommend splashing out on the flights as soon as you can. I will send you links to the flights when I have them. 

So excited to finally go back to India....this will be my 15th retreat now and I have loved every single one! Hope you can join me! 
To pay your non refundable deposit of £200 please pay here. Please do invest in some really good insurance for travelling a this time.

Much love