Ana Chidzoy
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Back to your true essence

Nestled in a green valley not far from the ocean, where hills and trees surround you, where the air is filled with the scent of wild herbs and where the sound of nature prevails, that’s where you will find our ecolodge. Amidst 7 hectares of nature and privacy, just 15 minutes drive to west- or south coast beaches….

Due to the beautiful location and ethos of this retreat centre, I am excited to use our time there to strip away some layers and baggage and get back to our true selves. Finding our truth, what makes us happy and being content in our own self are a few things that when we discover the way can lead us onto a pathway that fits you and your life, your way.

Join me for a week of getting back to basics, we are talking eco toilets, Tipis, Hurts, wildlife, nature, stars in the sky that you can see and more than anything an opportunity for you to drop the reins, connect with others on the same quest making friends that will support you from here on in. A week on a retreat really does do magical things.

The fee is £750 for 7 nights, all food, yoga, accommodation. A £200 non-refundable deposit will secure your space. We will fly to Faro airport and we usually all pitch in to get transport all together from location to location...all travel costs are not included, but travelling together helps to keep expenses down as much as possible.

I hope that all makes always do get in touch if not...thanks for taking the time to consider retreating with here if you have any questions.