Ana Chidzoy
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Feel the Fear and do it anyway!

What scares you? Is it something that stops you from achieving your desires, dreams? This could relate to a pose, for example, for me the fear used to be going upside down but now being upside down is great but looking up while upside down is still a fearful challenge! I find the more I address this fear in a rational and realistic way it helps me to move the fear to the background creating space to trust what I know and understand to explore the why's and if's to move forward. The same can also relate to areas in your life, through asana, somatic's and self enquiry we will find a way to 'Feel the Fear and do it anyway' and look at taking those discoveries and transferring them to aspects of our life that you feel fear is holding you back. 

This workshop is £100 and is already half through the link below.