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Introduction to Chakras, Crystals, Healing and Auras

Through this course we will be using exercised and meditations to become more familiar with with different elements of our Chakras, Auras, our healing abilities and exploring the use of Crystals.

Self Healing

We all have an in-built ‘healing potential’ which we use on a daily basis without realising i.e. comforting friends and family with words and hugs, being a good listener etc.

Through guided meditations and exercises we will attune and blend with our own energies, recognise other people’s energies and access the universal healing energy. This blending of energies will introduce positive energy into our body and help self-heal the mind, body and spirit.

We will be discussing and experimenting through exercises various ways of self-healing and grounding.

Chakras & Colours

Our bodies contain 7 major chakras and each one is a wheel of spinning energy. Each major chakra controls the health of a specific body part, your lifestyle, your surroundings and the way you interact with other people's energies.

Through guided meditations and exercises you will be using your senses to connect with and attune to each chakra, looking at the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of it. Also, how to tell when the chakra is out of balance and use healing energies to re-balance and cleanse the chakra in order to allow its energy to flow freely.

We will be discussing and experimenting through exercises how colours affect the choices and decisions we make.


Our bodies contain energy fields called Auras. Each day as we interact with others, our auras interact also, and in doing so we take in other peoples energies and they take in ours. This encounter affects the balance of our auras and can cause an energy blockage.

Through guided meditations and exercises you will be connecting with and attuning to your aura’s energy field and use universal healing energy to help release blockages and unwanted energies.
We will be exploring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual auras, their colours and the aspects of ourselves contained within them.

We will be discussing and experimenting through exercises how our own auras feel and how they interconnect with others.


(Chakra crystals will be provided but please feel free to
bring your crystals with you)

Crystals mean many things to many people. What do they mean to you?
Some just like to have them around, they make them feel good. Others know the crystals by name and the energies they give off.

We will focus on the crystals associated with the 7 chakras and through guided meditations and exercises we will connect with the crystal’s energy and use it for self healing the chakras and our body as a whole.
We will be discussing how to cleanse the crystals, and experience the different energies when wearing and/or holding the crystals and the use of crystal elixirs.