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PDQ Track Session - 3hr - BEGINNER

Newport International Velodrome (Newport International Velodrome, Newport Way, Newport, NP194RA, GB)
(Newport International Velodrome, Newport Way, Newport, NP194RA, GB)
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3hr PDQ Track Session - Beginner

A 3 hour track session aimed at beginner riders who have never ridden the track before or ridden 1 or 2 beginner sessions. All riders signing onto this session must be able to ride a bike competently prior to the session.

This session will also have another group on the session. The groups will be on the track separately, one group riding while the other group is resting. This is usual for track riding as the constant pedaling and effort means you need frequent rests. Approx track time: 1.5 hours.

Under 16 riders - use discount code UNDER16 to apply a £2 discount on any session.

As you are a beginner most likely you will need to hire track bikes. There are some details of this on my website but here are the main points you need to know about hiring the track bikes and riding track sessions in general:

- You must wear gloves/track mitts whilst riding at the velodrome.
- You must wear a helmet at all times when mounted on your bike.
- You must wear a top that covers your shoulders.
- You can hire a helmet along with your bike hire if you need to.
- Please remove the peak from your helmet if you have one on.
- It is a good idea to wear padded lycra cycling shorts. No loose fitting bottoms.
- The track bikes come with Look Keo pedals. You cannot change the pedals on the track bikes so if your normal cleats are not Look Keos then please wear sports shoes that you can use with toe clip pedals. Any sports trainers will be fine for that.
- If you wear trainers then please double knot the laces and tuck them in.
- Track bikes are hired from the velodrome on the day, £10.80 for adults and £5.40 for under 16s, payable at reception. You need to sort out the track bike hire and picking up your bike from the stores yourself. The velodrome staff are very helpful and will be able to help you with this.
- You will not be able to pick your hire bike up until 15 mins before the session.
- Make sure you get to the track in plenty of time to get changed, pay for and get your track bike out of the stores and sign on for the session. You can change the saddle height so if you know the saddle height you normally ride at you that will make it easier. I would advise getting there 30 mins beforehand.
- You will need to sign on for the session on the sheet on the table by the entrance to the track.
- Remember to bring plenty of drink as it is very dry in the velodrome.
- The only adjustment that can be made to the hire bikes is the saddle height, which is quick release. Please don't mount your Garmin on the hire bike, change the pedals, adjust the tyre pressure or sand the tyres. If you are unhappy with the hire bike you have, then please return it to reception and they will provide you with another one.

Safety Rules of riding Newport Velodrome

Track cycling by its very nature is a high risk sport. You ride at your own risk. The coach on the day will ensure that the riding environment is a safe and that you are briefed on how to ride safely and considerately of others. Here are the main safety points that you must adhere to during your track session coached by PDQ Cycle Coaching Ltd:
- Always listen to the coaches instructions. They are there to ensure your safety. The majority of accidents happen when riders are not listening to or doing what the coach has asked.
- There is a safety barrier between track centre and the track, this is there for your safety. Never enter the track beyond this barrier without the coaches permission and never when there are riding on the track.
- NEVER walk or ride in a clockwise direction when on the track or concrete, even if you are just lining up to start riding.
- Always turn left out of the gate of the safety barrier onto the track.
- Line up on the railing of the track before starting to ride.
- Track bikes are fixed wheel, which means there is no free-wheel and your pedals are on direct drive to your rear wheel. So remember to keep pedalling even when you’ve finished your effort!!

By signing on at the start of this session you are certifying that you have read these safety points and will abide by them during the session.

May we also direct you to our Terms and Conditions.

Any questions, please let us know via email ( and we'll be happy to help.

Newport International Velodrome

An indoor velodrome for fixed wheel track bikes


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