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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop
Saturday 21st March, 11:30-1:30pm

A deeply healing, fun, dynamic and relaxing workshop aimed at giving you the tools to develop your internal strength, build your capacity to deal with stress and develop the fortitude to hold up under difficulty. Using Kundalini yoga kriya and meditation, Magdalena will guide you through a powerful physical, mental and spiritual workout which will leave you feeling grounded, relaxed and renewed.

Who is this workshop for?
- Anyone who wishes to release tension and quiet the mind.
- Anyone with an interest in discovering or rediscovering the amazing technology of Kundalini yoga and meditation to heal and transform.
- All levels welcome, no previous yoga experience required.

What to bring?
A bottle of water to stay hydrated and an extra layer of clothing (jumper) if you tend to get cold during relaxation. Wear comfortable clothes. In Kundalini yoga we tend to wear white, natural fibre clothing because it expands our aura and our energy, but you do not have to wear white to come to class. Come as you are, just make sure you can move freely in what you are wearing.

About Magdalena
Magdalena is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified Kundalini yoga teacher and certified Spiritual Coach, working with the strength of love, presence and connection to create a healing and therapeutic environment of unconditional support. She teaches regularly in Windsor and constantly deepens her education of the practice of Kundalini yoga with immense gratitude towards the ever-unfolding gifts it brings her.

Magdalena teaches Kundalini Yoga as an experientially-based system which means her aim is to guide you to challenge yourself to go beyond the limits you have defined for yourself and use your body to get out of your mind. That for her is the beauty of the practice of Kundalini yoga and what made her fall in love with it in the first place. She will also wrap the experience in the softness and depth of music, mantra and meditation so your whole being may leave the class nurtured and serene.

About Kundalini yoga
Often referred to as "the yoga of awareness", Kundalini Yoga is very transformative and an extremely effective tool for dealing with the challenges of modern life. Through a combination of Movement, Breath, Sound, and Rhythm, Kundalini Yoga shifts your energy, attitudes and perceptions, allowing you to create a new reality for yourself. It works to strengthen the central nervous system, the immune system and the endocrine system. This helps to bring the body back into balance and releases tensions, stresses and unhelpful patterns, leaving you feeling strong in body and mind.

The practice of Kundalini yoga is opened to all and doesn't require any previous yoga experience.

It is an absolutely beautiful, fun and very diverse practice which will bring you a loving sense of connection to yourself and others.