8 Monthly Classes Membership including 1x intensive session per week
This membership allows you to pay monthly for four 6 weeks courses over 12 weeks (1x 60 mins, 1x 90 mins sessions per week).

This membership gives access to two courses from the following list (one regular, one intensive):

Level 1 Pole Tricks
Beginners Sensual Seduction
Level 2 Pole Tricks
Levels 2-3 Pole Tricks
Level 3 Pole Tricks
Level 3-4 Pole Tricks
Level 4 Pole Tricks
Level 4+ Pole Tricks
Naughty Noughties
Flex & Refresh
Mixed Level Pole Tricks Intensive
Sensual Seduction Improvers
Sensual Seduction In My Feels courses
Sensual Seduction Intermediate Level

The membership includes the following each month: 4 intensive sessions from the same course (90 mins sessions) and 4 regular sessions from the same course (60 mins sessions). Please ensure you book the appropriate level for your ability.

The membership is for a minimum of 12 weeks to cover two 6 week course periods, billing every 4 weeks.

The 8 monthly sessions included in this membership must be used within each 4 week period, are non transferrable, not extendable and non refundable. Should you not attend classes within any of the 12 week period you will still be liable for the membership payment for the minimum term of 12 weeks.

Our 24 hr notice period for booking cancellation applies to this membership. Should you cancel any sessions on teamup with less than 24 hrs notice before class the sessions will be forfeited, if you cancel with more than 24 hrs notice the session will automatically go back onto your account to book an alternative session with.

This membership allows for up to 8 catch ups over the 12 week period in alternative classes. Should you wish to flexibly switch between classes each week instead you will need a flexi class pack instead! Catch up sessions can be booked for a class of the same level or Pole practice.

At the end of the 12 week period a new 12 week minimum period will begin.

If you wish to cancel you can do so with a minimum of 7 days notice before the 12 week period ends via your TeamUp account, any cancellations mid 12 week period will come into effect at the end of the 12 week minimum contract.
  • £106.00 every 4 weeks
    Terms and conditions
    This membership bills every 4 weeks. The first payment is due on the membership's start date. This membership entitles the purchaser to a full or partial discount on events/classes offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership. This membership cannot be cancelled early. The full 3 months must be purchased to receive the rate listed.