Begins on the date of the first registration.
* Online on Zoom, maximum of 6 people *
You need a long resistance band for this class.
Personalised coaching for you during each class.

Progressive courses of weekly sessions; monthly rolling progressive programmes throughout the calendar year.

Includes monthly 1-1 catch up when it suits you.
Includes weekly 1-1 messaging Q/A to maximise your progress at each class.

Bonus! 50% off my 1-1 nutrition guidance service.

Change how you view your physical preparation for your climbing, swimming or surfing forever.

General preparation - the most important and most badly done element of amateur sports.

Enjoy re-learning how to train in the best way for you, up to date sports science evidence into practice.

NDM programs aim to address the issue of not being always being able to easily climb , swim or surf !
There are several areas of fitness and movement qualities shared by these three sports:

Vertical pull - arms relative to torso; Multi directional strength through a Full shoulder and hip range of motion; Endurance of strength with repeated forceful movements; power - moving forcefully and quickly, all with great control. Trunk or 'core' work is also integral to apply and to resist rotation to the body and to control the limbs independently from a stable 'base' - and in the case of swimming and surfing - in an open-chain environment.

The specific demands of sports ofcourse cannot be replaced or replicated, but this is not the point. NDMs Strength training programs compliment, support and better prepares you for your sport. Increase your performance potential and decrease risk of injury. The sessions include strength-endurance of key muscle groups as maintenance, and whole-body cross training.
  • £39.00 per month
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