6 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.


Downs, opposite the Water Tower (Downs Water Tower, Bristol, Bristol BS9 1FG, GB)
(Downs Water Tower, Bristol, Bristol BS9 1FG, GB)
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Nick Moffatt

‘Movement-Strength-Power' is a theme which runs through all NDM Sports & Personal Training sessions.

Capitalising on the strength and other fitness qualities gained from NDM Kettlebell and NDM Circuits gym sessions, feel the benefits of using your bodyweight with more power. Improve your general athleticism as well multiple fitness qualities.

-Crucial strength work for non-gym going runners
-Better performance and injury reduction for all runner distances, even if you wouldn't normally sprint
-Whole body conditioning benefit
-All levels
-No induction needed

-plyometric progressions, sprinting/running technical and power work, regressions for non-runners, and fun & challenging partner work!

Downs, opposite the Water Tower

Sessions take place on the Downs, on the west side Stoke Road near /opposite the Water Tower


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Run Strong * Thursdays in August 5th - 26th

NDM Run strong involves training bodyweight power & sprinting

This August: Outdoor 4-week course of 4 sessions

‘Movement-Strength-Power' is a cen...

£19.00 – one time purchase Select