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Couch to CrossFit June

Ready for a new challenge? A fitness program like no other?

Join us for our Couch to CrossFit - where we can take you from total beginner to absolute pro in just 4 weeks!

Want to lose weight and feel amazing?

You can learn everything you need to know about CrossFit this May - ready to jump into our classes long term!

Ready for a new challenge, that won't just be a fad?

We will push you as hard as you need, all whilst having a great time.

Want to feel amazing?

Get your spot booked NOW!

• Body fat analysis on start and finish of Couch to CrossFit. (£50)
• Full easy to follow diet plan to get you started with an excellent base of nutrition. (£25)
• 4 weeks of workouts to challenge everybody. (£89)
• Elite coaching from fully trained CrossFit qualified staff. (Priceless!)
• Couch to CrossFit handbook.
• Mobility tools. (£5)
•Tracking software so you can see your progress.
• CrossFit Gaia T-shirt. (£20)