11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Twerk it Werk it

Maya Dance and Fitness (Unit 8D, Merton Road, Bristol, BS7 8TL, GB)
(Unit 8D, Merton Road, Bristol, BS7 8TL, GB)
Patricia The Tease

It's time to put your back into it! Are you ready to spend a bootylicious Sunday with Patricia The Tease?
Whilst shaking your butts off working up a sweat, you'll learn various tips and tricks on how to get the best bounce of your peachy peach! It's suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to highly advanced twerkers!


It's advised that you wear WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT! However loose bottoms, kneepads and non-slippery socks/barefoot are highly recommended!
The workshop is £12.50 per person for 75 minutes.

Maya Dance and Fitness