10 a.m. - 10:55 a.m.


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Brenda Nassali-Liston

Intermediate Pilates will help you build even more strength, mobility, co-ordination and balance. In Intermediate we build upon the Basic principles of Pilates (alignment, breathing and core stability) by advancing and combining movements in order to challenge you. We will also start to work with some of the small equipment (bands, small balls and spikey balls). All of the challenges in the intermediate work will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your body and movement.

If you've been practicing Pilates for more than 6 months, or you have a basic understanding of Pilates, Intermediate classes will help you to develop and deepen your practice.

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Ankor Basic Plan

Reduce pain, strengthen your core, and improve your posture with the Ankor Basic Plan - 1 x class per week.

Ankor Basic Plan includes:
• 1 x class pe...

£60.00 per month Select
Ankor Transformation Plan

For those who want to see benefits fast, the Ankor Transformation Plan offers members 2 x classes per week. Attending Pilates twice a week will ena...

£90.00 per month Select
Ankor Back Care Plan

Care for your spine with the Ankor Back Care Basic Plan.

- 1 x group class per week
- 1 x Private lesson per month

£120.00 per month Select
Ankor Back Care Plus

For those dealing with chronic low back pain conditions, who want to end pain fast.

Back Care Plus includes:
2 x Private Lessons per month
1 x Group ...

£170.00 per month Select