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Intro To Beginners Aerial Sling

Fly away with the circus in our Aerial Sling Intro To Aerial Sling 4 week course. 
Perfect for first timers, absolute beginners to fitness or those who want to cover the fundamentals. Once this course has been completed, students may either go up to our next level Improvers classes or attend any of our regular Beginners Sling classes on the timetable.

Also known as 'Aerial Hammock' Aerial Sling is an incredible introduction to Aerial Fitness, incorporating a large silk, suspended from the ceiling, in the shape of a hammock.
An excellent class for those who want to increase fitness and flexibility with a lower impact, all whilst flying in the air!
Focusing on tricks, flow, transitions, drops and spinning.

Who know... You may love it so much that you my get addicted! See where Aerial Sling takes you!