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January Splits Journey!

Unlock your splits!
Focusing on different variations, this course will give you the tools to work towards or gain your full splits. Whether it is over splits, front splits, box splits or being able to split at all, this is open to anyone who wishes to take their flexibility further.
With many working from home in this current time, bad posture and muscular tightness is on the horizon. Focusing on tension release and mobility gains in the legs to allow your body to become strong, yet flexible and mobile. This course will also benefit those who participate in Aerial sessions too. Combining Active flexibility, injury prevention techniques and a perfect starting point for those who wish to create their own stretching routines from home. Also appropriate those who are wanting to progress their flexibility during this time. 
Suitable for absolute beginners to advanced. 
Pay as you go and full course registration options available!
May the splits be with you.