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Teen Self Defense 8-week course

This self defense workshop is based off of the martial arts principles of the Chinese Military style called, Sanda.  Sanda was developed from traditional kung fu movements, distilling the most effective and practical techniques into an open competition sport of Chinese Kickboxing. It offensively uses punches and kicks, which has become world-renowned for its evasive movements, counters, and kick catches.

You cannot defend against what you do not see. In this 8 week course, we will focus on awareness as the primary element in self-defense. Building from there we will discuss how to exit and/or diffuse volatile situations. Finally, should all other options fail, we will train some fast and devastating techniques that can allow one to make it to safety and get help.   

You will also learn the fundamentals of Sanda. Your coordination and body mechanics will improve through the repetition of foundational movements for punching and kicking. Advancing to more explosive movements you will feel stronger and have increased cardio endurance. Upon completion, you will have an opportunity to test what you have learned and earn your yellow sash. No equipment is required to participate.