Online Yoga: On-Demand
Starts on Aug. 1, 2020. Expires Sept. 30, 2020.
Welcome to Lucyoga's Online Yoga: On-Demand

For August 2020 I am offering a new way to access my yoga classes, online and on-demand!

When you buy this you will be EMAILED A LINK so that you can view a selection of yoga classes online. Please check your emails for the details of how to access the recording.

In the package you will have access to:

- 2 yoga classes suitable for morning or daytime practice
- 2 classes most suited to evening practise
- 3 shorter videos for a slightly different type of practice - 70s ‘Inner Fire’ Rock Yoga, the Healthy Back Sequence and a short relaxation

PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to access and watch theses class via the link anytime you like, until Monday 7 September. This means the length of time you have access to the class will vary depending on when you have purchased it.

You will receive a link to view the videos online via Dropbox by email after the purchase of this pass. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK. The video is available for viewing by the purchaser ONLY. You DO NOT need to sign in to Dropbox or create an additional account to watch the videos.

Lift Up Yoga

If things are super tough financially you are still very welcome to join my online classes. This is for you if you don't prioritise your own wellness because you are making sure everyone and everything else in your life is sorted out first. This is for you if things have changed and you can no longer pay for yoga classes that you have previously valued in your life. This is for you if yoga hasn't seemed like the kind of thing that you should/could/would do, but you're curious, maybe it will help? I ask that you ONLY select this if you really need it. I am offering it on a trust basis and no questions will be asked. In solidarity.

To use the Lift Up Yoga pass simply enter LIFTUPAUGUST20 in the discount code box when you purchase.

More about the yoga classes in this on-demand package ....

Two yoga classes, both suitable for mornings/daytime. 
Moving through change with purpose and stamina: This class features the Dru Yoga sequences Energy Block Release 4 and Sun Sequence with different options available for your body, however it feels today.

Yin Yoga to Dancing! : Starting with floor-based Yin Yoga this class then moves into a disco dance break and some gently challenging standing yoga poses.

Two yoga classes most suitable for evenings, but can be practised anytime.

Under the light of the Moon: A gentle but strengthening class featuring the Dru Yoga Moon Sequence and a series of floor-based postures to both challenge and bring relief to tight muscles and bodies. 

From strength to stillness: Starting with a strength and stamina building standing Dru Yoga sequence, Energy Block Release 2, and then moving to the floor for a series of deeply relaxing Yin Yoga poses.

Find Your Inner Fire: 70s Rock Yoga with Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who…:
Get your Inner Fire going with some 70s Rock Yoga! This is a 45-minute yoga session to get the heart beating and the body moving. It includes the Dru Yoga Inner Fire Sequence and Sun Salutation, all set to a 70s rock soundtrack. Originally taught and filmed as part of the Secret Garden Festival online on 20 June 2020.

The Healthy Back Sequence: Those who have done my Healthy Back Course will be familiar with this, the Healthy Back Sequence. A 15-minute session suitable to be practised every day and ideal for those who are struggling with back pain.

Short Relaxation: A 10-minute relaxation to use at any time. Perfect for a quick reset or some self-care when things just get a bit too much.

Terms and Conditions

This Lucyoga class pass will entitle the purchaser to access recordings of live online yoga classes via a Dropbox link. Access is time-limited and only available until 7 September 2020.

This Lucyoga class pass cannot be refunded and is non-transferable. See the details above for more information about this pass.