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For Yoga Teachers: How To Use Vimeo to Share and Sell Your Online Yoga

Lucyoga Online Studio
Lucy Bannister

An online course for yoga teachers to get learn how to use Vimeo to share and sell recorded yoga classes and On-Demand yoga packages

On this course, which starts with a LIVE workshop, Lucy will introduce you to the Vimeo platform, which is ideal for sharing and selling recorded yoga classes online.

By the end of this course you will have learnt:

* What Vimeo is
* How you might use it for your yoga business
* What features will be most useful for you
* How to use Vimeo to sell pre-recorded yoga classes
* How to use Vimeo to create an On-Demand yoga package

This course will leave you empowered to use this online tool to create a sustainable, profitable online yoga business.

You will also receive one-month access to my Mentoring Circle, a patient and friendly support network to help you with your yoga business and online teaching.

Who is your trainer?

Lucy has been running a successful yoga business for over 9 years, combining in-person teaching with digital technology. She has trained numerous yoga teachers to move through the fear of using technology with her no-nonsense, simple and jargon-free approach.

“Your presentation was brilliant Lucy! With heaps of practical advice, and you make what maybe just an idea of a YouTube channel into a real possibility. I LOVED how you share your experiences, demystifying the Pitta way of thinking it needs to be perfect, really made me feel settled. It got me to see the value of creating videos for my students and the benefits to the future of my yoga business.” - Karan Walsh (in response to the Setting up and Running a YouTube Channel for Yoga Teachers course)

How will this course be delivered?

The live workshop session will be delivered using Zoom. You will need access to Zoom, pen and paper, and an open mind.

After the live session you will receive links to the recording and a series of short how-to videos covering some of the key aspects of the workshop. These additional videos mean that you can return time and again to the details to get your set-up just right.

You will have access to the course (recording of the workshop and the how-to videos) for 6 months.

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