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Online Yoga: LIVE

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Lucy Bannister

Join Lucy for an online yoga class. She'll be broadcasting from her home using Zoom. (The very simple instructions on how to join the class will be sent after registration). Every registration for the Yoga: LIVE class also includes access to a recording of the session.

What to expect

Lucy’s online yoga sessions will help you to create a healthy and supple body and mind. This easy-to-practice yoga uses slow and flowing movements to improve core stability, flexibility and help release tension and stress.

Everyone is welcome; Lucy teaches a fully instructed class that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of yoga or flexibility (so great for beginners). And the classes evolve in response to what is happening in the world, so take part and experience a new way to stretch and relax.

Dru Yoga is a style of Hatha Yoga, which is influenced by Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Pilates, Isolated Active Stretching and other techniques to keep the body and mind healthy and strong, to build resilience inside and out.

Classes are open to complete beginners and inclusive for all body types and levels of fitness.

As this relies on technology working, even if you are super techy PLEASE READ THE JOINING INSTRUCTIONS EMAIL CAREFULLY.

NB: When you join the live class, you will also receive a link to view a recording of the class. It will arrive 24-hours after the class and will be available to view on YouTube until the next session takes place. Please do not share the link to the recorded class.

All prices INCLUDE time-limited access to a recording of the class, which will be emailed to you 24-hours after the class has taken place.



I strive for Lucyoga to be an inclusive space for all bodies and have created a pricing structure that I hope will enable more people to access yoga.


These rates reflect the cost of delivering my yoga to you. The SUPPORTER allows me to offer the COMMUNITY and LIFT UP rates. This means that by selecting this option you are enabling others to access yoga.

COMMUNITY AND LIFT UP might be for you if you are struggling financially or are in a precarious financial position; you feel unsure about attending because you have a larger body; you are Black or a non-Black person of colour; you have a disability; are Queer or Trans; you don’t know if you can use the subscription enough due to your work or caring commitments.

I encourage you to select this if you need it. It is not only there for financial assistance but just as much for encouragement and openness that this is a space that welcomes you.

I offer all my pricing options trustingly and no questions will be asked.

About the Class

This will be a fun and relaxing yoga class that’s suitable for all body types and levels of experience. It will be a class to you get moving and ease some tension from the body, mind and soul.

Everyone is welcome to Lucy’s virtual classes. She teaches a fully instructed class that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of yoga (so great for beginners), and if you need adaptions for fitness level, injury or health conditions, that’s fine too. Just make sure you have stated any issues in your health form when registering.

For those with more yoga experience, this is a chance to try a new style, one that focuses on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It draws on traditions of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Pilates and challenges through slower, flowing movements that allow the mind to release the chatter and stress.

Lucy’s style is called Dru Yoga and has been described thus: “Dru Yoga seems to be all about restoration and inclusiveness. Movements are slow, deliberate and therapeutic, and focus is very much on establishing a mind-body connection to enhance overall feelings of relaxation. You are encouraged to reach the stage you are able to, working with and accepting your abilities, rather than fighting your natural capabilities”

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